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There are the most pictures in these two galleries (exception: The miscellanious galleries) because to my eyes, a dragon is something so mythical, so fascinating, that I believe it should not only have it's own category, but also the most pictures.


Dream of the Namer

The dragons, dark jewels,
a flicker of ebony wings,
a frenzy of beetles,
feasting on carrion,
and I cannot tell you,
in memory's dream
whether the sight
or the seeing drew me
whether I went
of my own accord
or drawn like a jessed bird
hard to the falconer's will.
But what did it matter
when the dark thing ascended
in an old smell of blood,
of creosote and coal?
I looked to the sun
and I saw them in legion
wingtip to wingtip
in the western skies
and it was for this
I was brought to the summit,
it was for this
that I dreamed the philosopher's dream

~Michael Williams~