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Horns and Teeth

"In this Painting I wanted to do an accurate portrayal of dinosaurs of this era. A Triceratops is foraging for food after volcanic activity has laid waste to most things. The Tyrannosaurus is also looking for something to eat. Triceratop being the main course, I think he'll prove a harder meal to catch than other suspects! I like horizontel formats like this, they tend to give an epic feel to the picture."

This painting has received many compliments from many people, including special effects master Ray Harryhausen, and others who have just enjoyed the echo of Charlie Knight's paleo artwork for the New York Museum of National History.

Taken from the Art book Alien Horizons, compiling the best of Bob Eggleton's art.

Horns & Teeth 1993
28 x 13 in (71 x 33 cm)