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Tadhenge Map

Based on the discussions over the past few days, I tried to draw a map of the general situation and geography of TadHenge. Most ppl seem to feel that TadHenge has a forest to the east and the sea to the west, and that is then how I drew the map. I'm not a very good artist, but I'm sure that you can probably get a general idea of how *our* valley might look. The contour lines have no set distance, but should only give a feel as to the steepness of the flanks of the valley (the mountains might be aywhere between small (1000ft) and large (30000ft)). This map will constantly be changed during the course of the project, for as long as it lasts, and I hope that it will maybe get a bit more exact than it is at the moment.


1.: TadHenge Monument on it's hill, as most Hengeians have been saying. Following StrangeShe's description stating that the henge is in the middle of the town, I felt that it placing the hill almost in the centre of town fairly appropriate.

2.: The Town wall(s). As Morel wrote, they face the forest and contain the Nearulagh Gate (2a)

3.: Les' Island, just off the coast of Tadalia

4.: My idea of where the central district of TadHenge is located.

This map is only an idea of how TadHenge may look, and if the VR-Project is to go any further, then it is only supposed to be a starting point for further development with everybody's consent.

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