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Hello there, Lil' Sis!

How's life over there in da US of somewhere or other - hmm, i forget these things to easily. Well, I thunk I might post you a little summat on da internet, so as you have something else to read apart from all those boring school bookzes like Huck Finn et al!!! I'll also put some pictures up here, so as you don't get toooo homesick. If you clickses on vem, then they get biiig!

Here are some nice Mountain ones:

Here's a goofy one of me and douggl - you've seen this one before, i think:

Here's an even goofier one of me and Paul - you can show your friends how we celebrate a graduation:

And Paul the morning after:

Here's one of you and HJ (Please tell me when this was, so I can website it properly sometime):

Here's one of some things you don't have in the US of Mexico, sorry, Canada:


Here's an even worse one of HJ-Dear:

This is how small Mummy really is:

A proper sailing boat and our one time catlings or kittens:


School in winter and You in school in winter


And er, that's it for now. Have fun.

Bye Bye have fun, blah blah,...