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OK I know I'm not quite as good at this as Simon is, but hey there are quite a few reasons, why:
1) I'm working on a school computer without all the gadgets and gizmos
2) Simon's got the works and a bit more of the nohow, seeing as he does it for a living
3) Hmm I can't figure out a three yet but I'll tell you one when ive created another little excuse.

Oh and by the way: If youre thinking I did that with an nbsp command then you're wrong. I can do things like that with a thing cfalled blockquote I don't know if simon has figured that one out yet, but I'm sure he has (most likely)
If you're thinking you're going to find anytrhing here about my love life then I'll just have to tell you: you are completely wrong. Like I said, I am going to put that in an Email to you, so as the whole world doesn't have acces to trhe damn thing. As you have probably noticed by now there aren't any piccies on this page, but there is areason for it all: The reason is I don't have none to put up yet. but nivvermind bout that now. I'll post some when I get round to oit and when I have some. If I wewren't quite so broke, I might just go and pick up my photos in town. But I seem to be broke and running out of time, so I'll post this msg and be off to dance. CU Douggl

Simon, If you're reading this, there was sthg I was going to ask but it's suddenly slipped my mind nivvermind