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To the online version of my Graduation Paper in English.

I named my Paper: "A critical analysis of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings and Tad Williams’ Memory, Sorrow and Thorn trilogy; with reference to the art of plagiarism in Fantasy Literature", which is basically just mouthful of an excuse to compare Tad with Tolkien. But I thought that I should point out a few things about the paper before you start reading.

The Structure:

The paper is basically divided into five parts:

These parts are reffered to as LotR, Tolkien's World, MS&T, Tad's World and Plagiarism.

Suggestions on how to read the paper:

These of course are my personal feelings on how to read the online version of the Paper, so feel free to ignore them.

The Internet is a dynamic medium of communication, and when writing or programmig for such, I feel that one should consider this fact. One should be able to read in the order one wants, and not have to follow the thread through from front to back. So I changed the form of my paper around a bit, to allow for jumping back and forth when reading. Originally it was written as a hard-copy version, and this may show in some of the arguments, but there was no real way to allow for easily going forward or backwards. Now, you can read, say, the section on Tolkien's Characters, then read about Tad's People, and then see what arguments I brought forward in the Plagiarism section for similarities between protagonists.

Or, naturally, you can just go straight at the beginning and work through to the end. Your decision!

An Off-Line Version:

This is a zip of the original hard-copy paper I handed in for my Graduation Exam. It was graded with an A-, of which I was rather proud. It's a MS-Word document, 40 pages long, containing 18,208 words! Print at your own peril!!!!!

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This is where you get to the real part:

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