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Bob Eggleton's Art
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Bob Eggleton
has to be one of my favourite artists. One day, my elder brother bought an art book and at the time, I wasn't very interested in art so I thought to myself "What an Idiot, buys an art book, but he came up to me and showed me a couple of pictures in this book, and I was completely enthralled so I asked if I could borrow the book someday to look through it. By the time I'd finished looking in this book, I was so fascinated in Fantasy Art, that I went to school and used the Internet to look for some Fantasy Art pages. There I stumbled across some of my favourite pictures by him, so here they are.

Horns and Teeth Orcaurora Fanuihl Crucifax Autumn
The Snows of Jasper Astro Dragon Wave Goodbye There goes the Neighbourhood
Highclimber Inbound SL9 Crystal Ball